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What’s Ahead For The Yellow Submarine?

There have certainly been some important changes at Villareal since the last season. For starters, there’s a new manager, two new mid-fielders, a new goalie and a high-end loanee. But what does it all mean for yellow submarine’s chances over the upcoming season? Let’s take a deeper dive.

La Liga

Let’s be honest here. It would be great to see the team in the Champions League places. But then step back from the fantasy. For a start, take into consideration that of the three teams that fell out of La Liga last year, Villareal managed to lose against them all. They even managed to lose against 17th place Celta Vigo. Technically, the fact that these teams were demoted, it means that somewhere in the very near future, Villareal will need to improve it’s technical gamer immensely. Last season, Villareal were 10 points short of UCL. And the point is really whether they could catch up with Sevilla.

Offensively, Villareal are at a loss with the departure of both Santi Cazorla and Zambo Anguissa. But, you might say that the addition of Parejo, Kubo and Coquelin would make up for this. Though both Cazorla and Anguissi can certainly knock the all into the back of the net, it takes time for new players to get into sync with the rest of the team. Which means it could be some time before we start seeing concrete results.

Europa League

Everyone likes to point out that Unai Emery is strongest when it comes to the pressure of knockout competitions. But with the Europa Cup, everything comes down to the draw. Of course yellow submarine have a good shot at the title, but to be coldly realistic, we can’t see them progressing further than the semi-finals….and that’s being generous.

Villareal Fans
Villareal’s Fans

Copa Del Rey

If you recall, last season was an absolute balls-up in the semi-finals. There’s no denying that all is good up t a point. As soon as Villareal face some serious contenders from Primera, then it all goes down the toilet. To that end, we have limited of expectations. It’ll be good enough for us if Villareal can produce some quality football and advance further than the second tier. In truth, the Copa Del Ray, is only a walk in the park for teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.


Our shopping list for the yellow submarine isn’t anything impossible. Let’s start by saying they see a European semi-final. In La Liga, nothing less than a 5th place at the season’s end. And with the Copa el Ray, our expectations are that we would like them to not get the boot in the first round. With Unai Emery at the helm, we think that you are perfectly within your rights to expect more from Villareal than we received last season. He has the talent and tenacity to see some silverware being added to the trophy cabinet.

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