Spread Betting Explained

What is Spread Betting?

Over the last few years spread betting has grown increasingly popular. The general idea is somewhat similar to Asian betting, in that the punter has the same chance of coming out a winner irrespective of which team he’d backed. Essentially your winnings are based on the accuracy of your bet or how right or wrong your were.

How Does Spread Betting Work

OK…now pay attention! Lets say that a book maker reckons that they’ll be a total of 15 -16 corners taken during the course of the football match. The spread is set at 15-16. Now if you believe that there will be more than 16 corners taken, then you can “buy” £10 a point at 16. This means that if you’re right, then you’ll get £10 for every corner past 16. If there happen to be fewer than 16 corners, then you have to pay up for every corner less. It can get very expensive very fast.

If there are 21 corners in the match, you’ll earn (21-16) x €10 = €50
But, if just 13 corners are taken, you’ll lose (16-13) x €10 = €30

As well as being able to “buy” you can also sell. This means a bet that the outcome will be lower than that set by the book maker. So the more you’re right, the bigger your winnings.

In the same way that the odds take a dive when everyone is backing the favorite, the spread can also change. A savvy punter can take advantage of these changes by simultaneously buying and selling points on the same game. This is what’s know as “trading” and it allows a smart punter to win money regardless of the actual score.

Spread Betting During In-Play

Now lets imagine that you buy a point at 11 when the spread is set to 10-11. But due to market movement, the spread changes to 14-15. You can go ahead and sell at 14 and make a nice clean profit, no matter what’s happening on the pitch. So if there were 15 corners taken, then you’ll receive (15-11) four times your stake for buying in at 11, and you’ll take a loss on just one of the stake (15-14) if you sell at 14. It’s easy to see why most spread betting is done during game play, since you can more or less respond to market movements in an instant. It’s just like trading on a platform like Betfair.

It Can Get Expensive Very Fast

Keep in mind that the risks are much greater than with simple fixed odds football bets. But the potential to win multiples of cash is very tempting. We should point out, that because the nature of these bets means that you never really know how much you could win or lose, this form of betting is the preserve of high rollers. With simple betting, your winnings will be the same no matter the winning margin. But with buying a point at the spread, every goal means more money for you. as you can imagine this ups the excitement by a few notches.

Win Alot or A Little. It’s Still A Win

Sometimes we have the frustration of watching our team concede at the end of a long match. But with spread betting, the result is of little importance. Sure if the team loses we might win a little less. But it sure beats winning nothing! Spend some time getting to know and understand the intricacies of spread betting. If you can afford it, then you’ll have a great time.