How To Place a Bet

Of all the sports to gamble on, there’s nothing to beat the sheer thrill of betting on football. And more importantly, betting on the Spanish First Division, or “La Liga” as it’s called. There’s an allure about watching some of the world’s greatest tams battling it out on the football pitch. So if you’ve never had a flutter on football, or even placed a bet on any sporting event, then this is for you. Spanish Football Bets is a great place to start your football betting journey. We shall be concentrating on how to place a bet online as opposed to going to a betting shop. So…vamos!

How to Place a Bet Online

First things first, you’ll need to find and then sign up with an online book maker. Have a look though our selection, and also the reasons as to why we have selected them. All these sports book makers will give you a tasty welcome bonus for simply being a new customer. Once you’ve signed up, which is just putting your basic details in, then you’ll need to put some funds in your newly created betting account. This is the account from which you’ll draw funds for betting purposes, and also into which you’ll receive your winnings. Essentially, the process it exactly the same as buying anything online. We suggest that you read through our thorough guides about depositing and with drawing monies.

Find a Betting Site

Opening the front page of the web site and you’ll see “football” as a heading. Click this and look for “La Liga” or “Spanish First Division”. You can navigate with any number of different factors, like name of team, date of match and league. You’ll see that there are loads of betting options. Check out our guides for different types of bets. Once you’ve decided the bet you want to make, then you’ll need to decide the size of your punt. essentially this is the amount of your hard earned cash you’re willing to risk. If you take this amount, called “the stake”, and then multiply it by the value of the odds, then the resulting number represents your potential winnings. So now you can really put your football knowledge or predictive skills to their proper use and make some money!

Placing Your Bet

On the web page, if you go to either the top left or right, you’ll see the box within which to place your stake. Check and double check that all the details are entered correctly. When you’re happy with everything, then simply click on “Place Bet” or “Confirm”. Don’t close the browser until you’re received a confirmation telling you that the bet has been accepted and placed. You should receive a confirmation number. Some book makers might do things a little differently, but all the steps should be the same.

The Results and Pay Out

Some sports book makers may send a text message or an email which will inform you of the match result. But we’re guessing that if this is the first time you place a bet, you’re going to be watching the match. In truth, it’s exciting stuff! If you were correct with your bet, then go and log in to your online account and withdraw the monies. For this, just go to the “My Account” setting. You’ll be able to withdraw your new funds in the same way that the old one’s were deposited.

What Are Football Markets?

Broadly speaking, “football markets” are just anther way of saying different types of football bets. And, boy, are there a lot of them. These can be for individual games, tournaments and event betting (like friendlies). On the site you’ve joined you’ll be able to find all the relevant information, along with dates, odds and often goal predictions. Most of the top sports book makers will have over a staggering 100 bet types listed. Let’s have a quick look at some of the more standard fare you’ll find nearly all book makers will have on offer.

Popular Markets/Bets

Match Odds – The most popular football bet out there: a simple wager on which side will win (of if the game will be a draw).

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – A relatively new bet on whether both teams will score. Many football betting sites allow you to bet AGAINST both teams scoring too.

Under/Over 2.5 Goals – Another popular bet where “unders” means there will be two goals or fewer whilst “overs” means three or more. The number of goals can be changed for different bets but 2.5 is the most popular.

Correct Score – As with most of these football bets, it’s exactly what’s written on the tin: what will the final score be?

First Goalscorer – This is popular bet is to guess which player will open the scoring with favorites usually around the 4/1 to 7/1 mark. Keep in mind that own goals do not count and that you can also back the last goalscorer or anytime goalscorer too.

Football Betting Rules

Betting on football is really very straightforwards. But there are always random events, like weather postponements, so you should check that your matches will be going a head. How these events are dealt with will vary from book maker to book maker. But there should be nothing to worry about.

Games Are 90 Minutes Plus Injury Time

But there are two very important rules that you must be aware of. Most bets, unless otherwise stated are valid for 90 minutes plus injury time. But not extra time or and/penalties. You’ll find that this rule applies to pretty much all book makers across the board. If for example, an El Clasico game goes into extra time with the scores at 0:0 and then your “first goal scorer bet selection” scores in extra time, then we’re sorry to say that the bet would be lost as 90 minutes had already elapsed.

About Own Goals

And yet another important point to keep in mind, is that own goals are a no-no in goal scorer markets. Sorry to say, they will not count towards any goal scorer markets. So if a game ends 1:0 with an own goal, and the bet is for “no goal scorer” in the first/last/anytime markets, it’ll be a winner for you. On the whole own goals will count towards most other bets, including those of matched odds and correct score.

Tips And Strategy

Though betting on football is great fun and very exciting with the possibility of gaining some extra cash, please be aware there are no guarantees. If there were then we’d be writing this sitting on deck of our super yacht parked in Monaco. We suggest that you look at football betting the same way that you should approach all sports betting…as a bit of fun. Only ever place a bet with money that you can afford to lose. And whatever you do, don’t go chasing your losses. Don’t ever bet when you’ve had a drink or simply because you’re bored. Finally never let your heart rule your head. Now, with all that serious stuff out of the way…let’s go find a sports book!