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Spanish Football Bet’s Guide To Betting

Almost every day of the week there’s a football match being played in Spain. As you know, we love Spanish football. The passion, the fiery temperaments of the players, many of whom are world stars of the game, makes us number one fans of La Liga. Part of the beauty of soccer, is not only that the game that can inspire excitement, but also the betting can add a degree of tension that’s hard to beat. There are many types of bets and many more bookmakers making them. We at Spanish Football Bets think that before you start on a betting journey in Spanish league football, it’s better that we point you to a guide. This way you’ll get the most out of your combined love of La Liga and that of having a side punt.

In-Play Betting Options

Thanks in part to new technological innovations, you can not only bet before the start of a match, but also during the match play. This is thanks to in-play betting and it has certainly changed the way punters look at football. The main points are that this gives you even greater betting opportunities. Remember that you can bet not only on the final result, but on small details like the number of yellow cards. Or how many corners were taken by one team. The possibilities are as endless as the enjoyment offered.

About This Guide

Here at Spanish Football Bets, we have compiled this guide really for the benefit of first time bettors and those unfamiliar with soccer betting. Those who bet on a regular basis already know all the pitfalls and benefits that come with soccer betting. Our job is to bring you up to speed so that you’ll be able to spot potentially rewarding betting opportunities. Whilst at the same time keep your powder dry. We want you to have the best betting experience whilst taking a punt on any of the excellent teams found in La Liga.

New Sign Ups

In order to make the most of your betting opportunities, you’ll be needing to have access to the best sports bookmaker sites. As a given, they will be offering the best welcome bonuses along with other promotional offers. And all the while still offering the highest odds in the industry. We check that their betting platforms are both easy to navigate and play on, leaving you to concentrate on winning.

Learning More About Odds and Bonus Offers

As you click around our website, you’ll find a number of sports book betting sites. These have been carefully chosen for both in-play and live betting for all La Liga matches. If you see odds displayed, then it means those are the truth odds currently available at that time. One important tip, is that the earlier you are able to place your bets, then the greater the chance of being offered a bonus or promotional gift. But if you miss this, then no worries as in-play betting will start taking wagers the moment kick off begins.

Bonuses and Promotions

Remember that the sports book makers want you to have a great time. To that effect you can be sure that all the offered bonuses and promotions are there to increase your chances of taking home more winnings. Or example, with Enhanced Odds, these are only offered to certain soccer matches and to existing customers.

Be On The Lookout For New Offers

Always check the betting markets early. Yes, we know that the odds are posted up throughout the day. But looking early, you might spot an interesting bonus or promotion. These types of bets are only on offer for a short period of time. So keep your eyes peeled! Also there’s a good chance that this is when you’ll see the Free Match Bets. Essentially, place any bet up to a certain value and you’ll get another one absolutely free. To go even further, some sites will offer cash back betting opportunities. So even if your bet loses, you’ll still get your initial stake back. Not bad at all!

Check And Then Re-Check As Many Sites As Possible

On the whole, online soccer odds don’t change that much once they have been offered. The win, lose and draw odds tend to remain pretty static no matter what the volume of bets being placed on each position. But, having said that, we want to point out that the odds can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. And that;s why you should always have a number of sites open and at your fingertips, so you can quickly compare. It also ensures that you have a good range of bets over a number of possible outcomes.

Are You New To Online Betting?

The first thing you’ll need to do if you wish to make bets on a Liga matches, is to sign up to an online sports betting site. Have a good look through all those we have showcased. Check out their welcome bonuses and promotions. Read the terms and conditions. All the sites that we recommend are fully licensed and come with high recommendations. A simple mouse click is enough to register. Then fill in the personal details along with a username and password and you’re almost good to go. The final thing is you’ll be needing to deposit funds into your new online account. Now you’re able to bet and in real time.

What Do Online Betting Sites Offer?

As you’re a new sign up, sports book betting companies will do their upmost to turn you from a new customer into a loyal long term player so you’ll always return to their platform. To this end, you’ll probably find any number of bonuses and promotions already waiting for you. Don’t be surprised to see that your deposited amount has somehow magically grown. Many betting sites also offer the free streaming of La Liga games, provided you have reached their minimum deposit limit. With bandwidth being so cheap these days, you might be surprised as to how little you can bet and still receive live matches.

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