Safer Gambling

Reducing Gambling Harm

Yes, even on a betting site, we recognize that safer gambling is an important conversation we should all be having. Here at Spanish Football Bets we are very aware of the recent political discourse that involves problem gamblers. We absolutely applaud any action that can help or lead to a reduction in the harm that gambling can do for some individuals. Gambling should be source of entertainment, but, as with many enjoyable activities, sometimes the activity starts to control the person and not the other way around.

So What is ‘Safer Gambling’?

You can see the phrase in every newspaper and all across the web. Though there is no exact definition, we like to look at it from a couple of different angles:

  1. The Individual.
    As an individual, the chances are that you’re already practicing responsible gambling. Only bet what you can afford to lose. It’s great if you find it rewarding, so long as it doesn’t impact other aspects of your life.
  2. The Operators/Affiliates
    For those of us in the industry, we feel that safer gambling is about providing education and resources necessary to minimize gambling-related harm.

How do I know if I Have a Problem?

As with all things to do with human behavior, it’s not something that is so cut and dried. It’s not easy to spot when a line has been crossed, but we’ll dig out some pointers that might help you recognize the signs of a problem gambler. But the first thing to say is that it’s important you are able to be honest with yourself. Only with the self recognition of a problem, can you start to seek out a solution.

So, have you ever found yourself chasing your losses? Or upped your stakes because a £5 bet just wasn’t as exciting anymore? Maybe you’ve borrowed some money to have a punt, or backed that team even though you couldn’t really afford it. Any or all of these could be a symptom of an underlying problem. Remember that a gambling problem can often affect those around you, especially those who care for you.

BeGambleAware have put together a handy little quiz that can help identify if you should take action. (LINK:

So What Now?

If you feel that your gambling has become problematic, or you just want some advice, there are plenty of helpful resources. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to do the same. Their site offers various aids for the compulsive gambler including a forum, a chat room, literature and most importantly a meeting finder. Meetings are the core of Gamblers Anonymous and we have meetings every day of the week. (LINK:


With a 24 hour, free helpline, BeGambleAware are there for advice at any time, day or night. They are funded by an independent charity and offer confidential help and support. The helpline number is: 0808 8020 133 (LINK:

National Council For Problem Gamblers

Purpose: To serve as the national advocate for programs and services to assist people and families affected by problem gambling. Vision: To improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social and economic costs of problem gambling. Mission: To lead state and national stakeholders in the development of comprehensive policy and programs for all those affected by problem gambling. (LINK:

Self-Help Tools

If you feel that you could fall into a gambling problem, but still feel in control, then there are a number of tools to help you stay out of trouble. Most bookmakers will have a set of tools to help you continue to enjoy gambling but keep you on the straight and narrow, so to speak. We examine some here.

Deposit Limits

This is a great starting point. Just as it says, you’re funds are self-limited. You select a maximum spend per day, week or month. Once you hit your limit, then you can’t make a new deposit. This allows for a “cooling off” period. As you can’t play for 12 or 24 hours, you’ll find other ways to fill your time. A great idea is to set your limit on the day you get paid. This way you can’t keep topping up with funds that are earmarked for other uses.

Cooling Off Period

More and more bookmakers are offering this. It’s similar to the above, except that the bookmaker makes the decision for you. It’s good for two reasons, 1, that you can’t place anymore bets, but more importantly is 2., it allows you to really see if you have a genuine problem. You’ll be able to see just how much you miss betting. The results might surprise you. You will not have access to the bookmakers site for a pre-selected time frame.


For some punters, the only solution for safer gambling is long term exclusion. They need to make a complete break from gambling in order to get well. Self exclusion really works. All operators will put you on a list and you’ll be blocked from accessing any bookmakers for a long time. And the great thing is that there’s no work-around. Once you’re out, you’re pretty much excluded for good.

Safer Gambling: Conclusion

At Spanish Football Bets we want you to bet! We want you to enjoy yourself with us as your gateway to a great and maybe profitable time. But we don’t want you to fall into a path where gambling takes presidence over other more important aspects of your life. If you ever feel that things are getting out of control, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here. You will receive nothing but a sympathetic ear. We have long recognized that a gambling addiction is the same as any other, a medical matter that needs care and compassion.
So, enjoy your punts, but when the fun stops, then it’s time for you to stop as well.

¡Buena Suerte!