Messi vs Ronaldo in El Clásico

Who has the best stats, goals and win record?

El Clásico is much more than a mere football match. It’s a battle of giants, who bring a clash of cultures, politics and ideologies together on the football pitch. A long history as opponents throughout a bloody history is never far from coloring the game play whenever they meet. And of these two larger than life teams, are two larger than life footballers. Each being worshiped by millions of fans. Their on pitch skills have seen them both elevated to the highest ranks of football heroics. But the questions on every football mad 12 year old boy is, who is the best? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Well, for the answer, we should look int the numbers.

Who has won the most El Clásico games?

How many El Clásico games has Messi won?

Games playedWonDrawnLost
38 17 9 12

It’s clear that Messi has been on the winning side more than his nemesis, having won 17 matches against Real Madrid across all competitions. Messi has played against Madrid a total of 38 times. Of those, Messi was on the losing side 12 times and on 9 occasions the march ended in a draw. La Liga appears to be Messi’s hunting ground. La Liga has given him 13 victories coming from the competition.

In the Champion’s League Messi only appeared for two games. They resulted in a win and a draw.

How many El Clásico games has Ronaldo won?

Games playedWonDrawnLost

Keep in mind that Messi has played more games than Ronaldo. But in spite of this, the Portuguese players has some catching up to do. He has been on a winning side just 8 times, during a total of 30 El Clásico’s, whilst losing 14 and drawing 8. Messi has played 8 games more. Yet in spite of this Messi’s win % is 44.7% whereas Ronaldo’s is just 26.7%.

Who has scored the most El Clásico goals?

Once again the Argentinian comes out ahead. As far as El Clásico goals go, he’s scored 26 times in 38 games. Of those, the majority came during La Liga matches, with 18 goals in 24 appearances. Then a further 6 in the Supercopa and 2 more in the Champion’s League. Interestingly enough, after 6 games in the Copa del Ray, Messi has yet to score.

PlayerClasico GamesGoals
Lionel Messi3826
Cristiano Ronaldo3018

Messi’s goal to game ratio is better than Ronaldo’s (0.68 to 0.60) though it should be noted that the Portuguese player takes more shot at goal.

Who has the most assists?

Messi is far ahead when it comes to assists. His style of playing is much more inclusive with other players, whereas Ronaldo goes it alone many times instead of passing and spreading the ball around. Messi not only scored 25 goals himself, but also has set up another 14 goals in his 37 El Clásico appearances.

PlayerClasico GamesAssistsChances Created
Lionel Messi381468
Cristiano Ronaldo30115

In a total of 29 games against Barcelona, Ronaldo has only assisted in one goal. Also, when it come to creating chances, the Argentinian is far ahead, with 68 chances created compared to Ronaldo’s 15 chances.

Ronaldo vs Messi: El Clásico Overall

PlayerClasicos WonGoalsAssists
Lionel Messi172614
Cristiano Ronaldo8181

And there you have it. Messi is the undisputed king of El Clásico. Yes, Ronaldo has more silverware to his name with any number of awards. But that all fades into nothing when you look at Messi’s goal to game ratio and all these other statistics which demonstrate a much greater commitment to his team, than Ronaldo ever had for Real Madrid.