If your looking for an entertaining peek into Spanish football, then check out these informative and amusing podcast. Great if you’re relaxing, driving or want a more informal and indepth look at La Liga and it’s main players. If you like what you hear, please think about donating to their Patreon, as every little bit helps.

The Spanish Football Podcast

This is an award winning podacst from Phil Kitromilides, Sid Lowe and Alex Kirkland coming to you from Madrid.. They live in Spain and make a point of attending as many big (and smaller) games as possible. Easy going and very informative, they offer insights into the world of La Liga you’ll be hard pushed to find elsewhere. a new podcast goes out every Monday. Two thumbs up!

Chuuros y Tácticas

From the guy who brings you https://www.managingmadrid.com, Churros y Tácticas is Kiyan Sobhani’s take on all things La Liga. Also presented by VIVA TV “La Liga” host, Diego Lorijn, they don’t shy away from the hottest topics and are willing to scrutenize all aspects of Spanish football. Certainly an entertaining listen.

The Barcelona Podcast

A lively and opinionated look at al things going on at Camp Nou. The host is Francesc Tomas, and you might of heard him on ESPN and The Guardian Newspaper

The Real Madrid Podcast

Sports commentator, Tim Caple gives his take on the comings and goings at Real Madrid. A hard core fan, though he’s based in London, thanks to digital media he’s keeping well up to date on all the stories. If you follow Real Madrid, then you should make a point of following Tim.

The Txoko Podcast

Slightly different in that this is an Apple Podcast, it’s hosted by Dan Parry and Ramón Vegan. They take a look at all aspects of Euskadi/Basque football. They also report on La Liga stories and have many historical stories to tell.

El Tel & Jon’s La Liga Weekly Podcast

Sports commentator John Driscoll and Spanish football expert Terry Gibson host all the weekend results and the major stories of La Liga

Total Football Magazine