Papers: “Oxygen for the Champions League”

Now the domestic 2019/20 season is over players can have a breather before the Champions League kicks off. But for the Spanish sporting press, football still continues with any number of stories and polls. And so, though Messi was reportedly to receive the Pichichi Award, he’s also recognized as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the whole La Liga. Keep in mind that these are Sport’s readers, meaning many of them are probably Catalans, which might sway their opinion slightly!

Mind you, winning 81% of votes in any poll is still an achievement in itself. Though we might of opted for Karim Benzema. The Frenchman had a brilliant season, helping to bring home some important silverware. But Leo is pretty untouchable, and the Argentinian reigns supreme.

Mundo Deportivo goes with exclusive images of Barcelona taking their families for a well earned break This short season was a full on affair, and so when Quique Setién gave them a six day vacation, it’s no surprise to see all the players and happy families getting away. The paper calls this break, “‘Oxygen for Champions League”.

Away from the stress and pressure, they hope that this break will do the team good. They should return in a better frame of mind, stronger and ready for the next chapter which’ll start with putting down Napoli in August.

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