Papers: Lionel Messi makes history with his 21 assists, his7th Pichichi and his 1001 goal contributions

Though the 2019/20 season hasn’t been anything to write home about as far as Barcelona are concerned, teir star player is still capable of making history.

Lionel Messi makes the headlines for all the right reasons. Sport write about how he’s motivating the team ahead of their match against Napoli in August. They also mention his 7th Pichichi, for being the best goal scorer for the La Liga season. We have a feeling that these accolades are really secondary for the captain, as it’s his team winning that matters most to him.

Mundo Deportivo, concentrate on his 1001 goals for both team and country. Then there’s the fact that he just broke Xavi’s assists record in a La Liga season, having 21 assists in 33 matches.

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