Over/Under Betting Strategy

The Over/Under football bet is based on what you think the total score of both the teams will be at the final whistle. So essentially you have to decide how many goals each team will score/concede. Once you’ve made up your mind with an estimate for each team, simply add the two figures together and you’ll have your working number. You then compare this with the estimate that the book maker has made.

How To make an Over/Under Bet

To make an “over” football bet, you bet that the final number will be higher than the bookies forecast. To make an “Under” bet, then you’ll estimate a number lower than the official figure. An example would be a match between Valencia and Sevilla. The book maker estimates that the combined total number of goals at the end of the game will be 7 (with Valencia scoring 4 and Sevilla 3). But you have been doing your own research and have decided that the match will end in a 2 all draw (with Valencia netting 2 and Sevilla the same). So that’s a total of 4, which is less than the bookie’s guess. So in this case you should place an “Under” bet. If you thought the total goals would be more, then you’d place and “Over” bet.

Lots of book makers will offer odds for a goal score total of over 2.5 goals or even goals scored over 3.5 goals. If you’re following a game and have access to in-play betting, then you’ll see that in games where there already a lot of goals scored, ten the bookies will provide goals scored over bets of a higher value. but they’ll always end in a 5. Keep in mind that you don’t need one team to thrash the other 8 -0. If both teams score and the match ends 4 – 4, it’s the same betting result.

Choosing Over/Under Betting Markets

Betting types like this always come with a number of markets. They will be in the form of the amount of goals the spread is set upon.By far the most common are: 1.5, 2.5 and even 3.5, with each market offering more risk than the last. You’ll find there’s a trend whereby the odds will increase with the more goals you’re looking to bet on. You have to match the market with the game. This means you should select the market that’ll give you the greatest profit. In other words, which teams will hit their goals quota with ease.

As Always, Research and then Research Some More!

It does all seem very easy. But there are a lot of factors to consider. And that means doing some research. You’ll need to look very carefully at past performances, in particular if the teams have met before. Look at their averages. You’ll need to take into account their recent form and see if any of their top goal scorers are out of action or being rested. The same applies for the defense. Will there any holes due to sick or injured defenders. A good rule of thumb is to find teams that are good going forwards, but have terrible defense. Like many other betting strategies, they revolve around having a broad knowledge base about as many aspects of each team as possible. You can never have too much information. There are a huge number of website dedicated to displaying this information and there are any number of statistics you can drill down.