Real Madrid new kit 2020

New Real Madrid Kit From Adidas

So here comes the new Real Madrid kit. Paint us cynical, but all football management world-wide aware of the potential monetary gain from changing kit colors every few minutes. So here is a new effort to get cash from young Spanish fans. Just the PR gumph they put out with it is enough to make you wonder what was wrong with plain white. Adidas claim that the inspiration comes from patterns found on Azulejos tiles. And why not. We’re guessing that for all the money they’re paid, they can’t come out and say that the designer found the design whilst trawling through Google Images!

Essentially it’s a faded floral pattern with a black base color with pink sponsors lettering. Apparently this was a type of ceramic tile from the 13th century. Look around and you can see it on many a Baroque building in Madrid. Mainly in blue. But in reality it looks like a plain black shirt fell off the lorry. And got run over a few times. Here’s some “designer-speak” PR to cheer you up…

New kit Real Madrid 2020
Adidas new kit for Real madrid

“After some research and immersion into Madrid culture, we discovered the Azulejos were very prominent in the city and also commonly in baroque style,” said Marco Omiccioli, graphic and apparel designer at Adidas. We and the club felt this was a strong connection to the city and to the daily life in Madrid. Something everyone can relate to whilst still being a thing of beauty and art.”

“We then took inspiration from this and merged it with Real Madrid DNA to bring a unique story to the third kit,” said Omiccioli. The artwork was also created using a certain amount of distress to the look. This is so that it more accurately reflects the look of the Azulejos and their antiquity. But fused with a modern and progressive color palette that gives it a contemporary and lifestyle feel.”

This is the same design team who have given us the Manchester United “dazzle camouflage” look for this season. And they also did the same thing more or less, for Arsenal’s new kit. They claim is based on Art Deco, but which looks like a bloodied oil spill. We’ll let the apparel designer have the last words. “The creative direction of the season was looking at football through the lens of art. And Madrid is a city full of artistic history. So we wanted to find a different angle to that topic,” explained Omiccioli.

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