New regulations Spanish Football

New Disciplinary Measures For Spanish Football

There are going to be a number of changes to the disciplinary code in Spanish football. The Spanish Football Federation have approved a set new disciplinary measures for the upcoming season, following on from a thumbs up from the Spanish governments sports council. Most of them can be seen as a positive for the players. But the final one could see any number of hot heads come undone. Let’s go through them one by one.

No ban for yellow cards picked up the previous season

Presently if a player reaches a certain number of yellow cards, then they have to serve a one game suspension. The actual number of cards depends on the particular competition. Those cards picked up in the previous season would carry forwards to the next. It’s this last factor that’s now being scrapped. So, no matter how many cards a player managed to accumulate over the previous season, the slate will be wiped clean for the new season. We can all get behind this.

A clean slate in the Copa del Rey semi-finals

Any yellow cards picked up after the quarter finals in the Copa Del Ray, will be voided. So a player in the semi-final doesn’t have to worry about being able to play. His record of previous accumulation of yellow cards has no relevance in the higher levels of the competition..

Punishments for forcing a booking

This is to clamp down on the practice of serving out a players suspension on an easy draw fixture, as opposed to risking missing a crunch game on the horizon. To that end, any player who picks up 5 yellow cards, will face an automatic suspension. As well as a 600 Euro fine, if the referee thinks that they got themselves booked on purpose. Obviously it’s not easy to decide intent. But the referee can take into account how the foul was committed, along with the players overall attitude. This rule has been a long time coming. Though the fine is far too low in our opinion.

Dissent clamped down on

This is going to prove to be the most controversial rule among all the other new disciplinary measures. If a player shows any dissent towards any official, whether on the pitch, or off it, then the punishments dealt out are going to be much stronger than those previously given. That includes when players talk to media and across social media as well.

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