Tebas vs Rubiales

La Liga Start Delayed: Tebas vs Rubiales

And so the battle between a Liga and the Spanish Football Federation is set to continue. In some ways, there are two opposing points of view and it’s difficult to see how to compromise. Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga wants matches to be played on Mondays and Fridays for more television viewers ie more dosh for broadcasting rights. But in the other corner, Luis Rubiales, the Federation boss, says that games will be harder to get to for the fans to attend.

So a judge has postponed the first game of the La Liga season, Granada vs Athletic Bilbao which was set to be played on Friday. The ruling means that soccer matches can’t take place on either a Friday or a Monday. Of course, La Liga immediately said that they would be contesting and appealing the decision. The match will now be held on Saturday.

This means that the very first game of the season will be Eibar at home to Celta Vigo. This will take place on Saturday at 4 pm local time. The Granada – Bilbao match will be at 6.30 pm local time the same day.

Aleves vs Real Betis, which was scheduled for Monday, now comes back a day to Sunday instead.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, fans have been unable to attend matches. And that’s probably why this whole circus went silent for a few months since the season re-started in June. Stay tunes for more…

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