In-Play Betting

In Play-Betting

Betting and gambling in general, are always in a constant state of flux, as new methods and technologies allow new innovations to help us enjoy ourselves even more. And one of those more recent innovations in the introduction of in-play betting. Look at this as “live betting”, whereby you can wager during the course of a game. Obviously the odds will be changing as the game progresses, but that’s all part of the fun.

Let’s have a deeper look. Take a soccer match, El Clásico for example. As soon as the game kicks off, then the in-play betting is open. Now, if Barca scores first, then odds of that team winning reduce in value, whilst the odds on Real Madrid go up.

In-Play Betting Adds Excitement To The Match

There are any number of great reasons to start using in-play bets. One thing is that it makes the game that much more lively, with the added excitement that the actual game play can effect the betting outcome in real time. But the most common use for in-play betting is a means of hedging a previous bet which may of been placed before the match started. If you can watch the game and have a means of placing bets instantly, then the odds of all your bets will fluctuate depending on the stages of the game at hand.

Here are some pointers for you to consider before embarking on in-play betting:

Study the Form of Each Team

Depending on a number of factors, a team can perform better (or worse). For example, playing at home is always a huge advantage. Like-wise, individual players tend to perform better if they are playing in their favored position. You’ll be needing to see who is injured. Study past form as well, particularly if the teams have met before. Know each team and you’ll start to see trends in both game play and results.

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Trade Your In-Play Betting Positions

It’s often a good idea to vary your betting and trading positions as the game progresses. Sticking to the same types of bet is of no real purpose here, as it’s the match play that is dictating the teams chances of success or failure. An example would be a team scoring very early in the match, thereby increasing their winning odds instantly. So here, you might want to consider a new bet at half time. There’s always the chance that the in-play bet will have a higher value than an outright win bet. If, for example, you notice a player really killing it on the pitch, then why not take an in-play bet that they will be the goal scorer.

Live Streaming with In-Play Betting

Because in-play betting certainly adds to the overall match excitement. many sports book will have a live feed. Once you’ve placed a bet, then you can watch the entire match on your computer or mobile phone. Be aware that many online bookmakers can require a minimum bet before you can access the live streamed games.

One thing to keep in mind with in-play bets, is that you need to keep your wits about you. If there’s any major change on the pitch, then you’ll need to be quick about making any new in-play bets. It’s wise to have both the live streaming game and the bookmakers site and betting platform open at the same time. This way you can react the moment you see a money making opportunities.

What Features Should a Good In-Play Bookmaker Have?

Here at Spanish Football Bets we’ve compiled a list of important factors that you should keep in mind when you’re searching for in-play betting opportunities.

  • There should be multiple betting opportunities on single matches.
  • A live streaming service of the match.
  • An app for mobile phones and tablets that supports all the major OS like iOS and Android.
  • It’s great if you can find an early cash-cut option. With this you can settle your bet in advance for less payout instead of risking losing the entire stake.
  • It’s important that the bookmaker is fully licensed and regulated by a recognized governing body.

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