Football Transfer Betting

Football transfer betting is big business. Players are being bought and sold all the time. With the eye watering wages they command, there’s a huge betting and rumor market attached to many of the top players. Normally there’s a “window of opportunity” and transfers can only be completed during this period.

A football transfer bet, is a wager that a certain player will move, and the bet is paid out if the actual transfer takes place.

Know the Transfer Windows and the Governing Body Regulations

This is pretty basic, but you need to have a time frame for your bets. The transfer window only opens for a fairly short time. There are any number of restrictions and regulations placed on players, agents, team owners and you should keep in mind that different leagues will have different rules in place. Go do some home work.

Football Transfer Betting: Follow All Rumors

The internet is a hive of rumors with regard to footballers receiving offers or wanting to move. Use these internet resources as a means of determining who’s staying and who’s going. It gets very messy with rumors and then counter rumors. Take your time and use some common sense to separate the agent bullshit from the truth.

Follow Clubs and Individual Players

With the readily availability of social media, and the fact that everyone is trying to blow their trumpet louder than anyone else, it should be no problem to subscribe to and follow both players, fan clubs and team owners, mangers and trainers. Follow them on platforms like Instagram or Twitter as you’ll be able to see the rumors as they unfold. If you follow a particular team throughout the whole of a season, you will be able to spot the teams weaknesses and strengths. You’ll have an understanding of who they’ll be needing to fill and gaps. You’ll need to think like a team’s manager and a pushy football agent. Examine the relationships between players and managers. When you see a manager being un-supportive of a player, a little bell should sound in your head. To make any money on football transfer betting, you’ll need to know the club inside out. You have to understand their motivations for buying or selling a player.

Know Odds and Study the Betting Process

All the larger sites will offer football transfer betting. We suggest that you read up as much as possible about how the odds function. Take your time to also learn the betting terminology. It’s a good idea to place some small bets to get the hang of how the whole process works. It’s not a complicated process, but the more familiar you are with it, the more time you’ll have to concentrate on the betting at hand as opposed to worrying about whether you’ve ticked the right box. If you’re a new customer at a website for transfer betting, then you’ll be entitled to the various bonuses and promotions that are offered to new customers. We suggest that you compare offers between the different sites before putting your money down with one of them. Make sure you thoroughly read through the Terms and Conditions before betting.

Make Sensible Bets of Amounts You Can Afford

Here at Spanish Football Bets we place great emphasis on safe betting. With these sort of long term bets such as for football transfers, it very easy to overextend yourself. So be aware of your bets and betting strategy. Look at the odds and only bet sensible amounts of your money. It’s common for a bettor to bet too much, lose that and then try and chase their losses by betting ever increasing amounts, in pointless and ultimately destructive effort to play some sort of catch-up.

Conclusion: Football Transfer Betting

When it comes to football transfer betting there are some basic rules to follow. For example, you should keep in mind that the transfer must take place during the transfer window. Transfer betting is a great subject, within the overarching theme of football betting, to focus on. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll become an expert in all the factors that effect transfer deals.