Ticket Sales

If you are looking to buy Football tickets for La Liga matches then you should try and buy them from the actual clubs.

First thing to note is that La Liga matches are very popular in Spain and there are times when you’ll need to be a club member in order to buy tickets. On the other hand, having membership does come with a string of other benefits.
For some of the most popular matches, for example, El Classico, there’s a system of “loyalty points” which offer the tickets to the fans who have attended other club matches on a regular basis. On the whole, where there’s a great demand for tickets, then only after all the priority sales are done, will any remaining seats be offered to first-time buyers.

Think About A hospitality Package To Save Money

If you want a memorable day then taking a hospitality package can be a great idea. You get seats with excellent views, and often a host of extras like free parking, food and drink, match programs and souvenir gifts. Sometimes it works out only a little more expensive than just having regular tickets.
If you go to our individual club pages, you’ll see the current club contact information, along with stadium layout, parking and directions. The clubs will be happy to provide you with all the relevant information or guidance in regard to ticket sales for upcoming fixtures and any after-sales services.

But Not Everyone Speaks Spanish!

That’s why we’re here! For that reason, we have teamed up with and Of all the football ticket venders we could find online, these were the most reliable and give rock solid guarantees that your tickets will arrive before the match and that your tickets will be the one’s your ordered, or better.



A Word Of Warning

An unfortunate side effect of the huge demand for La Liga tickets (you have to remember that Spain is quite literally, “football mad”!) means that you’re going to come across ticket touts, especially on the day of a match. They tend to hang around the stadiums and offer match tickets at massively inflated prices. They also sell them online.

Only Buy Authorized Football Tickets

We recommend that you never buy a ticket from any unauthorized person or website. You risk losing both the ticket and your money. We live in the computer age, and many unauthorized tickets become null and void. You might get into the venue if you’re lucky, but then have a good chance of being thrown out. Spanish soccer clubs have cancelled thousands of club memberships over football ticket touting.

People buying from ticket touts have experienced the following:

  • The tickets were fake and they were refused entry
  • Their tickets had been cancelled
  • They did not receive any match tickets before the game
  • They were sat in the opposing fans’ area of the stadium
  • All bank details and other personal information were compromised

Also please note, that if a ticket is packaged with hospitality, travel and/or accommodation it doesn’t mean that the seller is authorized to sell such packages with tickets included. As always, buyer beware!

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Things To Look Out For/Warning Signs

  • Heavily-inflated match ticket prices
  • Match tickets on sale many months before the date of the match
  • Exact location of the seats not confirmed (no stand, row or seat number)
  • Large volumes of tickets being on offer for the most high-profile matches
  • Being required to collect the tickets from a hotel, or a location that is not the stadium
  • Being required to return the tickets after the match
  • Statements that the website selling the tickets is not affiliated to the Club, or is unofficial

If you are in any doubt, check with the Club website before purchasing tickets.


How You Can Help

Remember that buying from unauthorized sources leaves real fans out of pocket and outside the stadium on match day unable to watch their team.

If you have suffered a negative experience, or have information on unauthorized ticketing activities that you wish to share in confidence, please contact us by email:

We want you to enjoy your La Liga match experience, safe in the knowledge that the ticket you buy is genuine.



¡Buena Suerte!