Football Betting Strategy Guide Part II

Football Betting Strategy Guide Part II

Not taking football betting strategy seriously is probably the number one failure that most football punters make. Sports betting is not a hobby. If you treat it as such, then don’t expect to get much back from it. As with all things in the life, the more effort you put in the greater the return. Of course there’s room for the fun and spice of some betting whilst watching a game with your mates. But here we take football betting seriously.

There are punters out there who score serious cash with every match played. That’s because they don’t treat it as a weekend hobby. They are the type of people who want to learn game theory and betting strategy. They take time to understand the odds and all the other information necessary to make an informed and more precise prediction on the outcome. Many gamblers don’t take their gambling seriously simply because they have never won anything. Believe us, once you start winning, then you’ll realize that it’s not just a light game, but it can be turned into a proper job. Let’s have a look at some other terms and aspects that’ll help take you further along the road on your betting journey.

Expected Value (EV) Explained

As we mentioned before, sports betting is all about the value, or more precisely, the Expected Value (EV). Let’s have a deeper look using the simple coin toss to illustrate our points. So we flip a coin. The chances of it landing either side are 50%. No matter how many times we actually flip the coin we are expected to win the toss half the time. To put it another way, flipping a coin as a neutral expected value. But with betting this is drastically different.

Football Betting: Stay Positive

That’s because every bet you place come with odds, and these are either positive or negative expected value. It’s extremely rare to find a neutral expected value. Therefore it only makes sense to bet on positive expected values. Don’t bother with any negative expected values. Yes, of course this is easier said than done. But hey, who said that sports betting was easy! You have to take some time out and spend it on research and practicing your strategy points. Over time, you’ll develop an eye for positive expected values and as a result you’ll see your betting strategy start to improve.

Understand the Three Basic Types of Odds and Calculations Related to Them

When you’re browsing the online bookmaker, probably the most important factor that’ll be of concern should be the bookmakers odds. These will have a direct consequence on your bets and your betting strategy. There are three major ways that betting odds can be represented: decimal, fractional (sometimes called UK Odds) and money lines. As a gambling newbie, you’ll need to be on familiar terms with all of these. More than that, you’ll need to know how to calculate the possible winning odds. It doesn’t matter the type, but the ability to quickly and correctly calculate the probability of winning using the odds given is of paramount importance. It’s not just a matter of knowing the odds, but the ability to use them to separate the good from the bad. Again, think long term. Get yourself used to making on the fly calculations for odds and it’ll soon be second nature.

Learn Not to Dismiss Unpopular Teams/Players

Another very common mistake is to focus all your energies on the most popular clubs. This is illogical, something we promised ourselves earlier that we would avoid doing. It’s of absolutely no importance as to how many fans a particular side has. That’s nothing to do with betting. Remember that you’re just looking for money making possibilities. So always keep an eye open for the underdogs and the ugly ducklings. Keep in mind that the moment the public betrays them, then their betting potential goes upwards. An experienced punter will be well aware of this and will position himself accordingly. A good example is a team that has been playing well, but are now in the doldrums.

Have a Reasonable Starting Budget

It’s a basic fact of life, you’ll need money in order to make money. So ensure that you have enough money to start your betting career. The thing is that having a budget large enough will give you the ammunition needed to be able to practice with. Yes, of course as a beginner there will be some painful losses. But your job, is to keep pressing on, learning and becoming better at all aspects of the betting game. As you grow in stature, so will your bankroll. At the same time your money management skills should be growing with you, so you have the double whammy of experience and a larger pot to play with.

Accept That Football Betting Involves Winning and Losing

Within gambling there is always the ghost of luck lurking in the wings. Betting on what may seem a certainty, can sometimes quickly go pear shaped for reasons unseen and totally beyond your control. It’s a common illusion that as a new gambler, a few wins will set the record for future bets. Nope, that’s not how things work. You must always be prepared for the fact that your football betting strategy will also have failures. All betting is going to involve both winning and losing. So don’t get hung up if you do lose a few. And like wise, don’t celebrate too much if you have some wins. Keep a clear and cool head. And ensure you stick to good money management. Yeah, we know that there are a ton of football betting systems out there, but none will guarantee you 100% winning rates. And only one can look after your money…and that’s you!

Football Betting: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Take it easy. Remember that this is about knowledge and there’s no way that you can circumnavigate the time it takes to gain first hand experience. You’re in this for the long run. Sure you’ll hear of people having a lucky break and scoring a big win at the bookies. But that’s all it was…just luck. They took a chance and it paid off. But that’s no way to go about betting, as it’ll quickly deplete your bankroll. Stick to betting carefully. Remember that all those small wins will eventually add up to a big one! ¡Buena Suerte!