Corner Betting Markets

Corner betting is an evolving science and the odds are constantly changing. And with live betting to add even more spice into the mix. There are any number of book maker algorithms based on the current number of corner kicks and the match time remaining. in some ways it’s more of an untapped market, as most punter don’t really think about it too much before placing a wager.

Corner Betting Markets

All reputable book makers will be running any number of corners markets. Probably the most common bet is the total number of corners from both teams over the course of a match. but there are other types of corner bets which are becoming increasingly popular. Lets have a look at some of them and explain how they work.

3-Way Total Corners

This form of corner betting is often missed. You have three options, “under” a specific number, “over” a specific number and “exact” of a specific number. The “exact” choice is often on offer with far higher odds than the other two.

Corners in the First 10 Minutes

Title says it all. There are some more varieties, though, concerning the last 10 minutes of a match and, less used, the first 10 minutes of the second half

Over 10,5 Corners

This “10,5” number is the most conventional corners range in some top leagues, concerning the total corners of a match for both teams. Of course, depending on the league and the time left (as it is one of the most popular markets in live betting) this number varies, we could see “over 7,5 corners” or “over 12,5 corners” etc.

It’s more popular than the 3-way corners because you have only two options, “over” and “under”. There’s no “exact” here. You could find this market also named as “2-way corners”.

How to Bet on Asian Total Corners

Asian handicap (aka skipping or refunding with the draw) is present in corner betting too. An example of corners Asian handicap is the market above “over 10,5 corners”. Another option is the “over/under 5 corners”, where the “5” number could be replaced with any other.

If you’d noticed that the number is an integer instead of decimal. There’s a difference: When the total number of corners is the same with the range number, then the bet is considered void and the stake is refunded.

Half with Most Corners

As it says on the tin. You have to guess which half has more corners. This is a popular pre-match betting market.

Race to 3 Corners

This type of bet has recently become increasingly popular. You pick a team and you bet that they will first reach an exact number of corners (usually an odd one, 3, 5 or 7).

Alternative Corners

An additional market to the “basic” range number of corners, for punters who want more risk. For example, when the pre-match 2-way corner range is over/under 8,5, the “alternative corner” market offer odds also at the “over/under 9,5 corners” or “over/under 7,5 corners” also. So, a risky punter could place a bet in an increased range to chase better odds, or a safer punter could choose a lower number of corners, to ensure more winning possibilities.

Multi-Corner Bet

This is a rather new market, though one of the most gambling-related ones you could find. In the multi-corner bet, the number of first-half corners is MULTIPLIED by the number of those awarded in the second half. The product of this is your number and you have two options, over and under a specific decimal number (in the pre-match market the most common number is 27,5, but there are many variations).

Corner Handicap

When a huge difference in corner kicks is expected between the two teams, bookmakers like to offer the “corner handicap” market, just to balance the odds on offer. The weaker team gets a handicap (1, 2 or even 3 corners) and you have to decide if the strongest team will overcome the handicap by winning more corners or whether the weaker team will protect it.

Corner Range

Different odds are offered for an exact range of corners. Usually, there are four or five sets of ranges, but the exact numbers depend on the teams and league. A typical bet of this kind offers odds for 0-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13+ corner kicks during the entire match.

First/Last Match Corner

You have to guess which team will be awarded the first corner, and/or the last corner in a match. This will take more luck than brains, but it can also be very exciting in live betting, especially if a team is desperate to score either at the beginning of the match or in the dying moments.