Common Soccer Betting Mistakes

Here at Spanish Football Bets we’re doing our hardest to ensure that you get some sort of betting education, before heading off to place any bets. There are a huge number of things to take into account. To that end we try to bring all these many factors together, here on this site, so that your betting journey is both safe and profitable. But in order to be successful, you also need to know and understand the pitfalls and soccer betting mistakes that many before you have made. Keep in mind that any soccer betting mistakes could end up costing you a pretty penny.

But having said that, you WILL make soccer betting mistakes. There’s just so much information to collate and make sense of. But the most important aspect is to later understand where it all went south and see what’s necessary to ensure you don’t make the same error twice. By showing you common mistakes we hope that you’ll learn from these basic fails and improve your betting game accordingly. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the most common betting mistakes.

Misunderstanding Value

Understanding the concept of value in betting is the most important thing you could learn. Or, to put it another way, not understanding value will lead you to lose a lot of money in the long run. Every single time you place a wager, you must think through the concept of how value applies to that particular bet. Betting value is not just a case of assuming that high odds equals good value or low odds equal bad. That would looking without context. But so many punters believe that this is the beginning and end of it. That provided they know the odds, then their bets will be good.

Gamblers tend to focus on the payout. To that end, high odds will give the possibility of a much bigger payout. Conversely, low odds automatically represent bad value because the payout will be rubbish. This vastly over simplified view of value and odds is nothing but damaging. Yes, it’s true that value is related to the odds available for any given bet. but the odds do not provide us with enough information. Value is found by comparing the estimated chances of the wager winning with the odds of that wager. It’s about the risk vs the rewards. Now when the potential rewards outweigh the level of risk, then we call that a positive expected value. And that’s when you should start thinking about placing a bet.

Betting With Emotion

This is a difficult one, as most people betting will be fans of one club or another. Your emotions rise with your teams efforts. Wins provide elation. Losses only melancholy. And part of the whole pleasure of betting to to bet on your team winning. But here’s the thing; betting with emotion is bad! Every single decision leading up to that particular bet needs to be made with a clear head and based on rational, not emotional, thinking. If you’re a hardcore soccer fan, you might struggle to remove all emotion from your betting equations. This is a basic soccer betting mistake. Emotions can cause confusion between what you want to happen vs what you think will happen. If you’re a truly committed bettor, you’ll even be able to bet against your own team!

Following the Crowd

We all like to belong. So it’s no surprise that many soccer betters just go along with the crowd. In a way it makes perfect sense, a surely the majority must be right. But this is a disastrous approach to betting. For these reasons:

Most people who bet on soccer lose money

Why do you think that there are so many book makers and betting web sites? Yep, that’s right…it’s because they are paid for by the losers. It’s a sad truth, but the majority of people who bet on football, actually lose money at the end of the match day. So, just because everyone else is doing it, isn’t really a valid reason.

Heavily backed favorites rarely offer any value

As you probably already know, the sports betting markets are very much affected by how much money is pouring in and where it’s being aimed at. When lots of people are betting on the same outcome, then the odds for that outcome will decrease accordingly. Maybe there was some value to be found at the beginning but by the time the crowd piles in, the value has long gone.

It’s one of the basic rules of betting that you must forge your own path. By simply copying others and following their lead, you will never succeed. You must be able to spot good value before the crowd, and take the value before everyone else starts laying their bets. But the best of all is if you can find opportunities that others haven’t yet spotted.

Soccer Betting Mistakes: Being Lazy

As with all things in the life, if you want to excel, then you’ll need to work at it. If you so choose to take sports betting seriously, with an eye to make a clean profit, then there’s no substitute for hard work. Believe us when we say that profitable sports betting is not easy. You’ll come across many people who follow football and have a great knowledge base about teams and players. But that’s alone is not enough. Every day you should be setting learning goals. Read match reports, take notes, read fan blogs for new ways of looking at things, in fact do anything that’ll help you grow as a sports bettor.

Soccer News Outlets

There are so many specialist web site dedicated to sports betting. Try and find the time to read and understand what you’re reading. As we previously stated, there’s so much information out there. And it all needs to be assimilated and digested. To make money from soccer betting, you’ll need to work very hard.

Not Considering Key Factors

Many soccer bettors think that getting a result is all about the best team winning. Isn’t it obvious that the best team will win? Well, yes, in many cases. But there are so many other factors at play before and during a game, that we’re not sure we completely agree with that statement. Nothing is so straightforwards. Let’s face it, if the best team won every time, then soccer would become pretty boring. One of the main reasons for the sports popularity is the very unpredictable nature of the game. And this is the challenge to make money from it. You need to learn all the key factors that effect the outcome of a football match.

Ignoring Alternative Betting Options

This is one of many very common soccer betting mistakes. Many people are creatures of habit. You’ll notice that many bettors simply make the same bet over and over again, but on different matches. There are a legion of different soccer bets. And all have their moments. here are some other betting options:

Double Chance
Draw No Bet
Handicap Betting
Asian Handicap
Over/Under Goals
Both Teams to Score
Live Betting

In spite of the huge numbers of different types of bets on offer by most sports book makers, people insist on sticking with just the one. This really is just down to laziness. Of course, it’s logical if the only bet you ever make is to bet on who’ll be the winner. But in so doing, you’re missing out on so many money making betting opportunities. Remember that as a soccer bettor, you job is to find value. If you insist on only placing the one type of bet, then it’s value that you’re be missing out on. So why limit your chances of success? Look at all the options.

Using the Wrong Betting Sites

You’re probably thinking that one betting site is much like another. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Going back to basics, it can mean the difference as to whether you receive your winning or have them stolen from you, along with all your credit card details. take your time to check over a betting site and see, that even on the most basic levels that it complies with licencing laws. The site needs a high level of security as you’ll be passing your personal and banking details over to them. So, please don’t skimp on your website research. You don’t want to get burned. On the whole, a better site is going to be able to offer the following:

Better bonuses and rewards
More competitive odds
Wider choice of betting options

By using the right soccer website, you’ll be able to watch your bank roll growing as well as have an all round better betting experience. And using the wrong website can lead to huge soccer betting mistakes.

Trusting the Pundits

Today, whenever you switch on the TV to watch a match, you’re bombarded with opinions from pundits. It seems as if everyone and their dog is now an expert. There are real experts out there, but probably not on TV. This is because the TV is really an instrument of entertainment, And all those talking heads are there to entertain as opposed to inform. of course it’s good to listen to these pundits for their opinions. It can give you a new angle on something. but don’t blindly trust their words. Don’t take all they say at face value. On the whole they are “media monkeys” and have sponsors or other interest pulling their strings. Often times they actually need to be “controversial” in order to keep their jobs. vanilla is not an exciting flavor.

Sticking with Losing Systems

This is probably both the hardest to avoid and the hardest to remedy. On the one hand you want to try new systems. But at what point do you say to yourself that it’s not working out, and it’s time to try something new? That’s a tough call. The real problem is that no system or strategy will work 100% of the time. Football being the unpredictable game it is, will always throw up left field results. Something that we were sure was a slam-dunk turns out to be something else, something unexpected. We suggest that you persevere as long as you can with a system, before taking a long hard and rational look through it’s results. On the other hand, there’s also no harm in swapping out one system for another if you feel that’s the right thing to do.

When you’re a beginner in this game of football betting it can be difficult to know when to call it a day. But as time passes and you become a more seasoned and experience bettor, then these decisions will come to you naturally. Over time you’ll now how to access and measure a systems effectiveness.

Soccer Betting Mistakes: Summary

There are many more clangers waiting in the wings. Ready to jump out and catch you unawares. But we all have to start somewhere. To that end, look through these main pointers. If we can teach you to avoid these one’s then you overall betting experience will already benefit.

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