Both Teams to Score Strategy

Over the last few years Both Teams To Score betting has become increasingly popular. Betting products come and go like fashion, but this form has stood the test of time and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Both Teams To Score: How does it work?

it’s a very simple concept. You select a game where you feel that both teams will score. That’s it! This can take place at any time, and the number of goals is of no importance. Just as long as one goal or more is scored. The end result of the football match is of no relevance to our bet. As soon as both teams score a goal, then you can collect go off and collect your winnings. Conversely, if one or both teams fail to score a goal, then the bet is lost.

Bet on Both Teams to Score Strategy

Well, it makes perfect sense that you need to find a team that likes to attack and takes as many shots at the goal as possible. So a team that’s good pushing forwards. But remember that we need both teams to concede a goal. So there’s probably not much point in taking a punt on Barcelona as they will go forwards, but might not allow the opposing team the chance to score. It’s probably better to look further down the league table and find teams that do concede goals on a regular basis. Any team that might struggle to keep a clean sheet.

Strikers and Defenders

As with all forms of football betting, it’s important that you know the teams and their players well. If, for example, a great striker is not going to play due to injury, and he’s the player that has scored most of their past seasons goals, then they might not be a good bet. Like wise, if a team’s defense is suddenly bolstered by the arrival of a fantastic defender, then again, there might not be any goals. You must take into account all the teams players and draw a conclusion from that.

Goals Scored and Conceded

It’s also a good idea to check each teams recent form. Remember that we’re not looking for a clear winner here. We don’t care which side wins the match. So you need to focus on their scoring and conceding abilities. You want to find weak defenses and strong attacks. Now, you don’t want a team with both these qualities. You want to match up teams in which one of these factors dominates. Have a look at a teams recent games. Say the last 10 matches. Look at the scores and check if they were playing home or away. There are any number of things to take into consideration and you’ll need to study them all.