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Because we are providing information on all aspects of the betting industry, it’s important that we are perceived as being absolutely impartial. There’s no point in reading one of our reviews, only to discover later that we are actively promoting that particular company above all others. The idea behind websites like this one, are to facilitate the process of finding a reputable and secure betting website. It’s in everyone’s interest that we provide unbiased reviews, as the customer will only discover the truth anyway. As an added factor in reviewing the top bookmakers, we can also keep you up to date with all the current bonuses and promotions, which are in a constant state of flux. We take our job seriously here at Spanish Football Bets. We are determined to provide the best reviews on the finest online bookmakers.

Book Maker Reviews: Taking Your Money Seriously

We update these reviews regularly, as betting companies are always introducing new and improved methods to make football betting even more exciting and profitable. There are always a number of new and improved bonuses and promotions being offered. That’s why is a good idea to check back here every now and again in order to keep abreast of the latest changes within the betting industry.

Book Maker Reviews Staff

We have a number of staff at Spanish Football Bets dedicated to compiling information about all betting sports books and then both writing and updating our reviews. We try and take a comprehensive over-view and take into consideration all factors offered by each and every site. At the end of the day, we distill all this knowledge and information down into these online reviews you find here. That’s why we only recommend the best of the best.

When making our book maker reviews, there are any number of important factors that we have to take into consideration. These include the following:


We take a deep dive into all security measures used. We see how well your financial and personal data is protected and ensure that the very latest in encryption and security are in use.


There’s no point in going through the signing up process only to discover that they will not accept your particular preferred payment method. To that end we ensure that only the most widely used payment methods are represented. These include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal and many others, which are necessary for the bookmaker to make our quality list.


Never overlook this important factor, as it could make the difference between you receiving your payout or not. All bookmakers have their own strict policies as from where in the world they can accept players. Even those that appear to accept everyone, will still have various restrictions in place. Some countries are banned because of the high level of player fraud. Others, like the US for example, simply because their laws don’t allow it. So it’s of upmost importance as to where each bookmaker is licensed and we only recommend those from reputable jurisdictions.


You want to know who will give the best bonuses and promotions, especially if you’re a new bettor. Our job is to check, on a daily basis, what is being given away and how you can qualify. Here you’ll be able to see all the bonuses and promotions available to you before you actually sign up.


Looking through our book maker reviews, you’ll quickly be able to see exactly what sports markets are covered and what the odds are on offer. We only recommend bookmakers who consistently offer the best combination of odds and markets, especially for La Liga.


This is an important factor that is often overlooked. Yes, we never think of it when all is going well. But as soon as you have a problem, then you’ll be needing to turn to customer support. We actually try them out with real phone calls and emails. You need to know if, for example, they are 24 hour? Are they friendly, no matter what the issue? How many languages do they support? How quickly do they respond? We’ve done the heavy lifting with our book maker reviews, and you’ll see our opinions on customer support within each one.

What Else Is Important To Us?

Do a simple web search for betting sites and bookmakers and you’ll find thousands of results. We are here to try and make sense of these and put them in some kind of pecking order based on factors that we consider important to you, the customer. There are no perfect betting companies. Some operate better in one department than another. Some bookies may offer fantastic odds, and yet on closer inspection you’ll find their market coverage is small. With others it can be vice versa. We class those bookmakers that we place at the top, as being proficient in all those factors we mention above. We want what you want in a betting partner. That is; easy to navigate, clear in information, with attractive features supporting great odds, and an overall satisfying experience.

How To Choose The Best Book Maker

We suggest that you have a rudimentary list of the things that are important to you in a bookmaker. But if you’re brand new to football betting, then go through all the factors listed above and decide what’s the most important for you. Make a general comparison and then whittle that down to just two or three bookies. From here, use our book maker reviews to compare things like new player bonuses and promotions, as these can save you money. Once you’ve compared the sign-up offers, then drill down further. Look at what type of license they have and were they choose to base themselves. Obviously at Spanish Football Bets we’re looking for bookies that give in depth coverage to La Liga.

Book Maker Reviews: Do Your Homework!

Check out and compare the odds offered to other sites on your list. See if they offer live streaming (that’s a biggie by the way!). And also what does the site look like on your phone. You’ll need to see if they accept your country and how easy is it to place a bet and receive a payout. Then have a look online for feedback. We are living in a thumbs-up culture. So it shouldn’t take more than a minute to find out what other customers think of these sites. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider. But it’s your money. We take that very seriously, as should you.

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