Should You Pay A Betting Tipster?

The short answer is a resounding, “No”. The long answer is the same! Historic data tells us that most customers who are paying a betting tipster for tips actually do worse than those betting alone, using their own due diligence. And remember that you’re going to be paying the tipster on top of your losses. There’s a perfectly valid reason why every punter who’s tried a tipster service doesn’t have a strong endorsement. In fact the whole “tipster industry” has a bad reputation, and in almost all cases, it’s well deserved.

Common sense and the power of analytics will show you pretty quickly that the vast majority of tipsters and their tips are nothing more than a very bad investment. Yes, there are successful gamblers. But they’re not going to be sharing their research and insights. Here are some things to watch out for.

Don’t Be Impressed By Tipster Winning Percentages

Anyone and their dog can create the illusion of great winning percentages. We would suggest that the majority of the tipster industry revolve around tricking punters with the illusion of winning by cherry picking situational winning percentages. You’ll find that a lot of these “tipsters” simply fake the documentation to show their winning picks. Photoshop is a wonderful tool! Other tipsters will experience the normal variance of highs and lows you’ll find in all fields of gambling. But for tipster purposes, they only focus on the wins.

Then there’s the scam of having a number of “betting clubs” which will offer selections based on such categories as “recreational gambler”, “serious bettor” and “high roller”. Then they’ll advertise only the successes from a particular club. For example, a 50/50 handicapper maybe 65/35 in one of there clubs but 35/65 in another. Now guess which one they’ll brag about!

Another scheme is to advertise any number of tipsters under the one “corporate umbrella”. This way, someone surely might of had positive variance with their “hot tip” handicapper. And that’s the guy will we be hearing about, not all the others who did nothing special.

We Can’t Just Blame The Tipster

In some ways, it’s not just the tipster who’s to blame in there scenarios. Bettors are now expecting to hear about gaudy win percentages. In some ways, their own expectations are driving the market. The average punter only want to pay if the tips are worth a high number. So it’s of no surprise that the tipster market is only to happy to oblige, either via fraudulent means or out right lies, and economies with the truth.

Look…don’t fall for all this bullshit! Most tipsters are just selling an illusion. There’s a reason why these tipster sites don’t display all their results. It’s a sure case of marketing over matter. Save you money and do your own research. Don’t be lazy.

As an individual bettor, your goal is to become truly a fountain of knowledge on all things La Liga related. And it’s with this that you’ll see who among the tipsters is the real deal. These experts are all so smooth talking when taking your money. But you’ll see straight through them the moment you ask them something related to analysis of handicapping. There’s an awful lot of room for bullshit. Whether talking about “skill set match-ups” or intangibles or strategies. Once you start to analyse their presentation, then things will quickly fall into place and you’ll be able to see through them.

Tipster Success Stories Tend To Specialize In Softer Markets

Keep in mind that it’s VERY difficult to constantly out-perform wildly available odds on more mature high volume markets like La Liga. The opening lines will be strong to start with. And then all the smart money will pile on the right spot. You’ll find it hard to beat any closing lines. So if you’re not already ahead of the market, then your profit will take a hit. Now imagine paying a premium fee for a pick. Yep, your profitability will take a dive. Be very skeptical of tipsters who claim to be able to beat the market after all the bets are in.

Having written all the above, you may well come across a tipster who is worth their salt. There are those whole only specialize in tiny markets, and have done so for years. maybe they only bet on one football team or a single European league, like La Liga, for example. With these guys there’s a much greater possibility that you may win over a period of time. But realistically you’re going to be dealing with a 55/45 volume tipster, then a 50/50 one.

Conclusion: Betting Tipsters

We’re always going to be hard pushed to recommend any tipster. Virtually all the one’s lighting up your browser will be using some fakery and cherry picking results. You’ll find them all over YouTube like snake oil salesmen. They make little effort to really understand the strategies needed when providing their game analysis.

Then there are the very few tipsters who specialize in much smaller markets. On the whole they are perfectly happy to disclose their records, simply because they are realistic about the percentages.

But we’re still not really convinced. It’s the fact that you are starting from a hole. You have to pay handsomely for the tip before you can use it. And that’s our main reason we think that tipster’s are just preying on the lazy. Look at it this way; if you were to do due diligence on a tipster, all the information you’re going to be using as a benchmark is the very same information you could use to place the bet yourself. You’re going to have to do some intelligent research anyways. So just do it for yourself and save your money.