Betting Promotions & Bonuses

In football betting, bonuses and promotions can make a huge overall difference in the amount of winnings you can take home. With this in mind, we’ve put together a short guide. This is about what you should expect when using these extras in conjunction with your football predictions.

What Are Betting Bonuses?

When you first sign up, these are fixed amounts that are added to your first deposit. Look at it this way: the bookmaker is letting you place your first bet with his money! Yep, there’s no risk to you. This way, you can see how the betting platform functions and get used to all the options available. But the credited balance is all yours and you’re free to bet with it. For example. After signing up to a new bookie, and after making your first deposit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a £75 betting bonus has been added to your account. One thing we should point out is that the free bets are often in the form of tokens.

There can be limitations on when and where these tokens can be redeemed. This means that you betting choices may be limited when you decide to bet with your free bets. There are also bookies who might have rules in place regarding the minimum number of bets you’ll need to make in order to redeem your winnings. Sometimes, the placed bet will need to be larger than the free bet.

Money Back Specials

Some betting websites offer a bonus, but in the form of a cashback offer. For example, if you’ve bet on a match outcome, but the bookmaker has a bet on, say a certain player scoring a goal, and that is also your money back special. Then if your team lose, ( and so you lose your bet), then no worries. The bookmakers bet will payout for you anyways. Hence “money back special”.

Bore Draw Money Back

Though we all love the game of football, no soccer fan wants to watch a whole game without a single goal being scored. Some bookies agree. They will be running a bore draw money back promotion. This means that if the score is nil nil, then selected losing bets get their money back.

Betting Bonuses: Accumulators

As an incentive to place an accumulator bet, some bookmakers offer a bonus on top of your winnings should all your bets come in. The value of this bonus payout can vary considerably, so it’s worth taking a look as the added prize money can be quite surprising. Further more, other bookmakers sometimes offer a consolation prize even if one of your bets didn’t win.

Limited Time Promotions

Often when there’s a major event taking place, then bookmakers might offer a special deal for that one event. These will obviously have a time limit on them. You’ll often find these at important football matches. And sometimes they are offered very close to the kickoff time. Always check here to see what special offers are coming up.

Betting Bonuses: Enhanced Odds

This is more to do with sponsorship, though it affect betting. If, for example, a betting company is sponsoring a team, or has it’s head quarters based in a certain tow, then these bookmakers are often only to happy to offer enhanced odds for the team or match taking place. It’s their way of giving back to the fans.

Best Odds Guaranteed

We have all experienced that sinking feeling after we have placed our bets, only to see the odds change. Suddenly they are not the best ones on offer. Some sports bookmaker want to ensure that never happens for their customers. To that end, if the odds do change for the better after you’ve placed your bet, then the book marker will pass those odds onto you, giving you the best chance of winning.

Free In-Play Bets

Once a soccer match has started, some bookmakers like to offer free in-play bets to spice things up a bit. These bets are for very, very limited times only. So you need to act quickly if you see them on offer.

What are the best free bets for existing users?

On the whole free bets and welcome bonuses are just for new customers who are registering for the first time. Having said that, such is the competition within the betting market place, we are increasingly seeing a number of generous bonuses for existing customers. Bookies want to reward a customers loyalty and many are now starting to offer promo deals for existing punters. These can be found in the form of free bets to be used within a specific time period. Or even a free bonus every time you make a deposit about a certain amount. Check through our bookmaker listings to find one!

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