Betting Markets

What Markets Should I Choose?

Most football punters just make straight up win, goal line or Asian Handicap bets. These three markets are said to be the easiest to play as well as being quite profitable.

Straight Win

A straight win bet is pretty self explanatory. The punter is faced with three options; betting on home or away win or a draw, winning the bet if their choice turns out to be right. A very common mistake we see is when bettors bet on favorites at very low odds. These low value bets really are pointless. You should be looking for games that offer relatively even odds, but with you knowledge it suggest to you that one team has a better chance.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over/Under 2.5 Goals is another common betting market especially among the professional bettors. It’s a market where long-term statistics of the teams and the league will play a significant factor. By allowing for much statistical analysis to be done and plenty of edge to be had. Especially if you are patient enough to analyze some of the smaller leagues.

Both Teams To Score

The Both Teams To Score market is another popular market among some professional bettors. While it may not be very profitable at all in the major leagues where the stats are broken down very well by the bookies, the odds may be quite favorable for the punters in some lesser leagues matches.

The Asian Handicap Markets

In recent years most of the online bookies have introduced the Asian Handicap betting. This is also one of the most commonly bet markets among the professional bettors today. Asian Handicap is the type of betting where teams are brought closer to level. This is done by adding a number of goals to the final score before the match has even started. For instance, if the champions are playing the team set for relegation. So the other team might “start” the match 2 goals ahead for the purposes of this bet.

The most basic Asian Handicap is 0. When there is a 0 Asian Handicap in play, your bets will win if your choice wins. But they’ll lose if your team loses and your bets will be refunded when the match finishes in a draw. In this scenario, the drawn matches are completely left out. You can simply bet if a team will win or not.

Further Asian Handicap bets include +0.25 where you lose half of your stake if the match is a draw. You’ll lose your entire stake if your pick loses, +0.50 where you only win if your pick wins and you lose in all other instances, +0.75 where you win the full amount if your team wins by 2 goals or more and win half the amount if they win by 1 etc.

More Versatile Betting

Asian Handicap betting allows players to wager in a much more versatile way. They can predict the outcome of the match with more precision. While at the same time, also protecting themselves in a way against some of the negative outcomes.

The real reason why so many professionals like to wager on Asian Handicaps is because the book makers tend to pay out higher on these bets. Thus making the odds better and making the bookie easier to beat. Basically, in many cases it will be more profitable to bet Home Team +0 than Home Team on the 1×2 market. Even though it is actually the absolute same bet.

The lower margins that bookies charge on Asian Handicap markets make these markets very popular among the more serious punters. While most casual punters will still place their money with the market they know better, thus losing out on the edge just by not being curious enough.

Conclusion : Choose Your Market Carefully

It is crucial to keep in mind that picking the right market to bet and staying focused on that market. You should be regularly doing research and improving your understanding of the market. This is what will bring you the most profits in the long run. As with all other things, it is important to specialize and become a master of your market. This is so you are able to utilize every slight edge that appears within it.