Betting Exchange Strategy

What is a Betting Exchange?

The easiest way to sum up betting exchange is that it’s a form of player to player betting, with the book maker acting as the middle man. This kind of betting allows customers to make much bigger profits than with regular conservative betting methods. Because this style of betting offer so many advantages for the punter, it’s no real surprise to find it immensely popular.

Betting Exchange Details

At the betting exchange there are essentially two different types of bets. They are called, “Lay” and “Back” and the terms mean exactly what they say. You can either bet for something to happen or bet against something happening.

Betting exchanges tend to offer better odds and higher limits than the traditional book maker. Keep in mind that the “middle man”, the bookie, will be charging in the region of 5% on all winnings. So you need to calculate that when placing a bet.

How Does It Differ From Traditional Bookmakers

This type of betting means that there is no risk for the bookie to assume. To that end, this allows the to offer bigger betting limits as well as higher odds. There are a huge number of options available from such exchanges as Betfair, Betsson and BETDAQ. But the best way to make money with betting exchange is to start “trading”. Now a trader bets on all the possible outcomes of a football match for a guaranteed profit. This is regardless of the actual results.

How To Bet

Let’s see the best strategy for betting exchange. The first thing to do is to look for matches that a lot of people will bet on. In the world of football betting these are called “public bets”. The idea here is to back one of the favorites as early as possible. As the game gets closer, and more bettors back them, then those odds will start to drop. Suppose you back Sevilla at 1.40. Just wait for the price to drop to, say, 1.25. You then lay the same team. By doing that you’ve created instant profit. Essentially you should be backing the team with the highest possible price and lay at it’s lowest possible price. You must complete your trades at least a couple of hours before kickoff, as the odds can become unpredictable and flutter wildly once the game begins.

Betting Exchange Strategy

Once a football match starts, then betting exchange really come into it own, especially with live in-play. With rapidly moving odds, you can be earning money every few minutes. For example; Valencia are playing Real Betis. Before the match, the odds on no goals in the first half will be around 2.50 and once the game starts you’ll see them drop. So your job is to back no goals to be scored in the first half. Wait 10 minutes (and hopefully there were no goals scored) and you can lay the same market but at much lower odds. And there’s your profit! This style of betting is suitable for corners, no goals, goals and many other football bets.