Betting Calculators

Betting Calculators

What Is a Betting Calculator?

In the simplest of terms, a betting calculator works out the return on any bet. Instead of the old pen and paper, the calculator does the work for you. There are three elements involved which are the wager, the stake and the payout. The first one of these is the amount you bet. The second is the potential profit. You should refer to a betting calculator whenever you want to correlate your bets to the possible outcome.

When Should You Use a Betting Odds Calculator?

We suggest that you use these calculators whenever you’re about to place a bet. Simply because it’s faster and probably more accurate than your sums on the back of a napkin. It’s also a great tool to keep track of your betting costs. Thus helping you manage your money. And it’s all about the money!

The Advantages of the Betting Calculator

There are too many advantages to list here. For a start it helps you plan ahead. You can see where your hard earned money is going. Using a calculator you can make comparisons between different stakes and even different types of bet in an effort to find a profit. Everything is in the one place, meaning you can make an instant decisions depending on the football game play or any change in circumstances. Because in-play betting is so popular, you need to be able to make instant decisions. All punters who are serious about betting, and especially money management, will be using one of these useful calculators. Take our word on it, as that’s a certainty.

Betting Calculator: Doubles, Trebles & Accumulators

Work out your potential returns for the most popular bet types with our free betting calculators.

Choose your bet type.

Enter the price of each selection.

Enter your stake per bet.

Click the “Calculate” button.

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