Accumulator Betting Strategy

With accumulator bets it’s difficult to be positive. The first thing we want to point out is that the vast majority of these types of bets are losers. Otherwise known as “parlays” they still remain very popular, but that’s probably down to the fact that bookmakers love them. The idea is to combine multiple bet selections into just one single wager. But remember that if just one of your selection fails, then the whole wager fails as well. As you can imagine, this makes them very hard to win. There continued popularity stems from a single factor; namely that they can provide very high returns. Keep in mind that the odds for the accumulators are calculated by multiplying the odds of each individual selection. Therefore even a small selection means the possibility of exponentially higher odds. Some payouts could be huge.

Accumulators can essentially be summarized by the following key points:

They involve making multiple selections as part of a single wager.
The odds for each selection are multiplied to calculate the potential payout.
All selections must be correct for an accumulator to win.

Bookmakers Love Them

But if you take a look at these parlay bets from the veiw point of the book maker, then you’ll get the real picture. Obviously, they think that the possibility of paying out large sums in the form of winnings is worth it. That’s because they are more than compensated for this possibility by the sheer number of losing stakes that they get to keep. Looking at the whole picture, you’ll quickly see that accumulators are some of the highest margin bets available from any book maker. And that’s the reason you’ll hear many betting experts call them beys for “suckers” or “mugs”.

Though we would always advise caution when dealing with accumulators, we’re not going to say that they should be avoided at all cost. If you’re starting your betting journey, then it’s probably best to wait until you’re fully educated about the risk, before going all in. Yes, these types of bets can be insanely profitable, but no one can guarantee you’ll be able to make any money from them. They are not the easiest way to earn some profits from betting. We believe it’s only the promise of a high payout that keeps these bets on any book makers bets list.

Example of a Soccer Accumulator Wager

As we previously mentioned, accumulators are the combining of a number of selections into just the one bet. The actual number of selections isn’t fixed and it’s entirely up to you how many you wish to feature. Normally you can pick up to 20 selections. Remember that with each selection, you’re decreasing your chances of making any payout. So a selection of 20 is going to be pretty much impossible to hit. Remember, that is just one of those 20 selections fails, the the whole bet fails with it. Most soccer accumulators are based on match results. So, let’s consider three la Liga games;

Full Time Results
Getafe 4.50
Draw 3.75
Bilbao 1.67

Full Time Results
Leganes 2.50
Draw 3.25
Valencia 2.62

Full Time Results
Barcelona 2.00
Draw 3.40
Sevilla 3.40

So you study the form of each team and conclude your predictions as follows:

Bilbao to beat Getafe
Leganes to beat Valencia
Barcelona and Sevilla to draw

Single Wager Returns

At this point, the sensible thing to do would be to place 3 x individual bets on each of these result. Each wager is a stand a lone bet, leaving you with 3 x chances of winning a payout. So, if we bet $100 on each of the above games, then our payouts would be;

Selection Odds Return Profit
Bilbao to Win 1.67 $167 $67
Leganes to Win 2.50 $250 $150
Barcelona / Sevilla to Draw 3.40 $340 $240

So, on a total of $300 we would of produced a profit of $457. Keep in mind that the results are not dependent on each other. If one bet were to fail, we would still receive a payout from the other two.

Accumulator Returns

With an accumulator bet, all three wagered would of been combined into one bet, with the odds being multiplied. So in this case the odds would be 14.195. If we had staked just $100, out return would be a profit of $1,319.50. So though we’re only risking one third of the money, our return would be considerably higher. But is just one of those selections failed, then the whole bet would also be lost. So, as you can see, the potential prizes are that much greater, then so is the possibility of losing that much greater as well.

Basic Tips For Soccer Accumulators

OK…so we’ve already said on numerous occasions that accumulators are very hard to pull off. But there are some basic steps t follow that’ll help you improve your chances.

Remember To Bet Singles Too

If you’re confident enough to bet on an accumulator, then it only makes sense to bet that selection on a single wager. Many bettors fail to do this, and it’s hurts our heads with the lack of logic. As you well know, the purpose of betting is to find value. If there’s enough value for you to place the original accumulator bet, then that same value is still there waiting for your single bet. Following on from this, you really should only put solid sections into an accumulator.

Keep The Number Of Selections Low

By far the biggest mistake made with accumulator bets is adding too many selections into the bet. And the main reason for this is the promise of a huge payout. But this logic is flawed. Simply put, the odds get exponentially higher as you keep on adding more selections. And so does the likelihood of losing. The thing is that soccer is a notoriously unpredictable sport. If only one of your selection loses, than they are all lost. Here are Spanish Football Bets, we believe in the slow game. To that end, we would suggest that you never go higher than a selection of four. Whatever you do, don’t start adding selections in order to make up the numbers for a potential big payout. That would be stupid. Your betting should never be based around greed.

Only Bet On Familiar Leagues & Competitions

The majority of parlay soccer bettors are just betting on favorites. And they tend to cover any number of different leagues to be able to do this. We’re not going to say that this is a bad practice, but placing any bet on a selection you’re not totally familiar with is just a recipe for disaster. In other words, many punters are only backing the favorites simply because they are the favorites. We would suggest that you’re better off trying to be the big fish in the small pond. Accumulator bets are hard enough to get right in the first place. So, y sticking to what you know, you’ll help your chances in the long run. If La Liga is your point of interest in football, then stick with that.

Compare Accumulator Bookmakers

As a golden rule, whenever you’re about to place a bet, please stop and compare at least a couple of book makers before you do so. The reasons are simple;

To get the best odds possible.
To take advantage of special offers and promotions.

Always check to find the best odds. For the serious bettor, better odds always translates into better payouts. Just a few minutes checking before betting can make a huge difference in the long run. The second reason is of equal importance. If you’re going to place an accumulator bet, then many book makers will offer you special offers or bonuses for placing the bet with them. Some will offer enhanced odds and bonus payouts. Some will offer you another free bet or even a partial refund if one or two of your selections let you down. Yeah, we also think these promotions can look pretty “gimmicky”.

But if they can save you money then why not make use of them. One point we should point out, is that you’ll be needing an account with the leading betting sites in order to obtain the maximum value that comes with comparing odds and special offers.

Avoid Longshots

It’s this simple, if you wouldn’t take a chance on a wager with a single bet, then don’t do it with an accumulator. Like we said, if just one of your selection fails, then they all do. A long shoot has a greater percentage chance of failure, and just one of these is enough to bring the whole bet tumbling down.

Keep The Accumulator Stakes Low

Because the chances of an accumulator bet going south are much higher than with a single bet, we strongly advise that you bet LESS on you accumulators than you might bet with your other wagers. Remember that there’s a high risk of less here. So don’t take the risk.

Accumulator Strategies to Try

There are any number of accumulator strategies. Take a look at these ones. Your ultimate goal is to design a strategy of your own. We don’t recommend any of them, but you should study these if you’re determined to make some accumulator bets.

Backing Big Favorites

As we already know, these types of bets are notoriously difficult to win. So, by just selection the big favorites for our accumulator, we should have a much better chance. But keep in mind, that if your betting on the favorite, then there’s probably very little value to be found there. You still need to do some team research. Don’t blindly back a favorite and cross your fingers. That’s really not a good strategy at all!

Combining Existing Selections

If you’re a regular bettor on soccer, then you probably already make a number of weekly selections. And if you’re reasonable good, then a fair number of these selections should be winners. So why not take some of these winners and combine them into an accumulator on the same weekly basis. Providing that you keep your stakes small enough, then then the risk is also minimal. But DON’T do this if you’re placing a lot of wagers during the week and you have a selection of higher odds. We suggest that you just pick the top three selections and only include them. So you’ll end up with a reasonable chance of winning without doing any extra work. If you tend to bet on a lot of high odds, then we would suggest that accumulator betting is not for you.

Permutation Betting

This is to all intents and purposes, a means whereby you combine all those selections that would go into one accumulator bet, into smaller multiple bets. Let’s say that you are placing a 4 team accumulator on Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia and Espanyol, with the assumption that each team will win. You could then split those bets down to:

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to win,
Barcelona, Real Madrid and Espanyol to win,
Valencia, Barcelona and Espanyol to win.

So, if one team failed to win, you’d still get a payout from the other two. If you want to step up a gear, you could also do the same but for a combination of two teams. In this case, if two teams failed, you’d still get a payout. OK…it’s probably not enough to cover all your costs, but at least it’s something. But we an’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping your wagers small. Keep in mind that there’s always a possibility that ALL your selections are wrong! As this could mean losing any number of wagers, that’s just another reason to err on the side of caution.

Small Longshot Accumulators

The idea here is to combine multiple long shot selections into one accumulator bet. Gulp! This is an extremely risky strategy and, as you’d expect, it’s also one we would struggle to recommend. If you’re going to make these types of wagers, then be sure to keep the bets as small as possible and the same with the number of selections, maybe just two or three max. To get even a single long shot correct is hard enough. So trying to get two or three correct means that you’re not going to be seeing a payout very often.

Small Accumulator Longshot Example

Levante to beat Getafe at odds of 4.50
Real Betis to beat Sevilla at odds of 3.00
Villareal to beat Bilbao at odds of 3.50

So, though each one of these is technically a long shot, they are still within the realms of the possible. We could imagine them all coming true. But the odds for this particular combination are a staggering 50:1! On a positive note is means that you’d only have to see yourself winning one of these accumulator bets once every 20 x in order to still maintain a good run.

Both Teams To Score Accumulators

Accumulators aren’t just based on results on a selection of football matches. Yes, of course, this is the most common approach to accumulator betting. But you can include almost all your usual bets under the accumulator umbrella should you choose to do so. So placing an accumulator based on both teams to score seems like a god proposition. Because a wager like this is probably easier to get right than your regular match results bets, then they’re ideal to include to smaller multiples.

Backing Both Teams to Score

Keep in mind that this involves a selection based on total goals as opposed to a selection based on both teams to score. yes on the face of it, these are reasonable easy bets to get right. including them in multiples makes good sense.

Conclusion: Accumulator Betting

The truth is that it’s going to be hard work to consistently make money from accumulator bets. To that end, we can sympathize with those who recommend to NEVER make these types of wagers. And that’s because, in truth, there’s a fundamental problem with accumulators. Simply put, you can’t use them to make a regular profit. here at Spanish Football Bets, we’re interested in making our betting pay it’s own way. We spend our time looking for “value” in our betting, as opposed to the promise of a massive payout. Other forms of wagering will be much better at producing a regular profit. But we’re not advocating you never touch an accumulator bet. There’s a time and a place for everything.

Use Your Head Not Your Heart

Provided that you are careful in your consideration of the selection you’re going to be betting on, and concentrate on keeping things simple, then go ahead and knock yourself out. And please ignore those attention grabbing head line numbers of possible payouts. They’re just bait for easily caught fish.

Finally, there’s no harm in having a flutter on an accumulator just for the fun of it. We tend to take our betting too seriously at times. Just make sure that you’re betting with monies that you can afford to lose. You can find an explanation of many types of football bets here.